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Shadow & Parts Work

Embark on an adventure with me into your shadow (your subconscious) to find and retrieve all the parts of you that were rejected. 

Let's integrate together aspects of yourself that you had to disown in your past in order to survive and get your needs met in that particular environment that you grew up in.

First of all, making yourself whole again will lead to more energy because you finally will be able to stop acting and suppressing parts of you that you think are working against your well being or are not getting you what you want.


Secondly you will be able to finally KNOW what you want and that will make you feel grounded at all times..

You will make the right decisions for you that align with your authenticity. It will help you to build a life that feels right for you specifically. It will allow you to find and attract abundance, people who are compatible with you and situations that will help you get closer to your desired state. Setting the right priorities for yourself and in your life will become easy. A natural by product of shadow work is discovering your purpose and finding your place here on earth, in society, in your relationships, your career, etc. This will in-turn help you turn your life from suffering to fulfillment and belonging. 

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Instead of having these subconscious parts working in whatever way they think are serving you, you can make those parts work together in a way that is ACTUALLY works for you. Just because you are unaware of these parts in doesn't mean they don't exist and don't dictate your life. By creating harmony between parts of you, your discipline and productivity will go through the roof. 

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of shadow work and parts work is inner peace. This war inside of you will be over. The feeling of emptiness, apathy and insecurity will be gone. It will only  leave you empowered. To the degree where you can set clear boundaries, put yourself in a healthy way first and not caring what others have to say about you. Aka living life on your own terms and being unbothered. 

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