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A large part of financial  and professional success comes from conquering fear continually. 

When the times get tough you will need discipline and/or faith.
What happens when you don't have those? 
Good news, there is a thing  called: purpose.
We can find your purpose or we can create it. 


A purpose will serve as a powerful force that will keep you going during the hardest times.  

Purpose also gives meaning and direction.


Encountering adversity on your way towards success is the only thing life guarantees. 


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Many people think money is the goal.

I disagree.


Money is a consequence/ a byproduct of knowing what you want, creating a unique plan tailored for you, determination, faith and consistent execution.


Through the sessions, instead setting a number as a goal,

we are going to figure out WHO you need to become and what you need to do in order for the money to start flowing towards your direction. Once we start working on your limiting beliefs and traumas around money, 




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Someday you will have to choose  how you want to spend your time, energy and attention(if you want to be as efficient and happy as possible). Especially if you are looking to play the career game long-term. Meeting needs is not something that is happening from it self. It take conscious action to meet your needs and maintain them.


Your life is literally a business. You will have to do some activities to grow and some to maintain. Some of it you will have to do by yourself, and for others you will have to recruit the right people to do it for you.

If your career is the most important to you or you have made out of yourself a business, you will find out that many personal life departments ( environment, entertainment, health, relationships) overlap with your career.

We can use that to your advantage, and I can show you how you to do that,

so that you don't have to miss out or have any regrets before you die.


If you choose to let your life structure itself, that is fine. I will not judge you for that. You do you.

However, I would like to challenge you by asking you this question:

If you could structure your life in a way that it eventually becomes a happiness and energy generating machine

instead of a life-sucking one, what is stopping you from wanting to do that or doing that?


You only live once. Knowing what you value the most and aligning your life and career with that does not only help you grow,

but if also fulfills you.

It takes a couple of sessions with me and your done.


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Your life is a business and in that business there are projects going on. Your career is a department of that business.

Once you have assessed your current situation and become aware on what it is that you want to achieve,

the next step is creating a plan.

Essentially you will be creating a project plan. You can do that in various ways.

With me, you will create a plan that feels like it doesn't take you a lot of effort to execute.

A plan that is tailored to your cognitive personality, unfair advantages,

your current life/career situation and the environmental circumstances.

With the help of  creating  plans that are exciting and easy to execute for you,

you will build momentum that will keep you going until you hit your target.


In the execution phase I will be there alongside with you. To asses what went wrong and to make the right adjustments.


If you happen to have a business, in my practice we can also work on getting clear on how you would like your business to grow. Leadership and planning involve most of the time decision making. Becoming aware of yourself, possibilities and circumstances will be crucial. Those are all things that we will work on during our sessions.


If you yourself are not good at those things, like planning, prioritizing and decision-making you will become self aware enough to understand you can actually outsource it since it is not your strength.

You can outsource it to me or an expert I will connect you with.

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We naturally want to move towards  the things we truly want. 

There are several things that might be blocking our focus and will, to do what it takes. 
Things like mental obstacles, badly managed mental resources or inability to tailor our work to our cognitive personality. 

Unlimited productivity comes from becoming fully aware of what it is that you want, removing the obstacles and tailoring your environment, goals and actions  to your personality. 

You can do aalll those things with me. 

Anyone can become productive

no matter who you are. 

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There are plenty external and primarily internal obstacles that inhibit communication. 
They also influence your relationships, your conflict management and ultimately your team. 
You will learn how to manage or get over these obstacles while simultaneously raising your self-awareness. 
We will use that awareness to further understand how your mind and emotions work in order to change or control them depending on what a situation demands from you.

If you find yourself to be in a leadership position in your career or life, you will benefit from our sessions even more. 

Working on yourself with me,  will lead you to understand others also better.
You inevitably will  become a great manager, team builder, team leader, negotiator, CEO, sales person, peace maker, and interrogator(why not).

Conflicts will turn into connection and trust. When people trust you things just happen smoother and happier.  

When people are happier, they are more productive. 


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Whether you are someone who would like to start their business or improve and grow their business I can help you by doing the following: 

Asses the current situation both internally and externally. Internally we are talking about beliefs and mainly personality. Plus, cognitive personality. Externally we are focusing on where we are, what kind of resources and budget is available to us. 

Next on the list is trying  identify the desired state or goal. Moving on we will discover the external actions so to reach the goal and create a unique plan tailored to you specifically.

This also requires from us to find out what the external goal matches to internally.

That means what beliefs do you need to program into your mind and what identity. What skills, habits and personality traits would you need to develop to reach your goals. And of course, which actions you need to take to do all of that. 

In case we encounter an obstacle internally or externally (which is almost a 100% going to happen) we need to release that obstacle by finding the right steps to do that and adding those steps to the original plan.

During the execution phase, I will be on he sidelines observing with you, helping you make the right adjustments to arrive at your desired state as soon as possible. 


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Even for things like learning disorders, knowing how to manage it can become an unfair advantage. 

Discovering you unfair advantages will literally propel you forward. Even though it might seem like you don't have any, you always have some! No matter who or where you are. 


Unfair advantages could be something about you, but in could be also something outside of you as well. 
The best scenario, would be a combination of internal and external unfair advantages. 

Becoming aware of those unfair advantages is one thing. Knowing what to do with them is another. 
Sometimes times we ourselves are blind to our unfair advantages, so having someone else point them out is sometimes the best option to move forward.
That someone else can be me. Plus I can guide you on how o implement them to achieve your goals faster. 


To give you an idea of what I mean, I will use the story of a previous client of mine: 
She wanted to make money FAST. She was tired of working for tyrants in the corporate world. After analyzing her unfair advantages we realized she had a very unique unfair advantage package. She was living in a very touristic area, she grew up speaking multiple languages, her personality is naturally very outgoing, she is sharp, she isn't attached to people or things, she has really long hair and she is a night owl! 
Can you guess what she is doing now and making lots of money? She is a  casino dealer on cruise-ships. The job itself doesn't pay a lot, but because of her personality and her long beautiful hair she gets tips and earns money she could never imagine. 


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