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We have found Mrs. van der Werf to be reliable, trustworthy, punctual, hardworking, committed, responsible and we would have no hesitation recommending her elsewhere. 

- Kristel Dom, General Manager 

   Canal House, Luxury Hotel

   Amsterdam, Netherlands


We have worked together on a couple projects. Melina has a unique character. However, what surprised me the most is her ability to asses a situation accurately, adapt and move forward accordingly.

- Xenia Tzatzou, Executive Producer

   Thessaloniki, Greece

I am an incredibly good listener.

Building rapport and developing trust between me and my clients is my priority

I cannot stress enough, how important it is for me to make my clients feel understood. 


I believe that my personal experience in my life but primarily my professional life contributes

to my motivation and ability to gain a deeper understanding of my clients.  What really sets me apart from others besides my coaching style and framework,  is that I care deeply for who I am working with.  


My personal values are compassion, respect,

responsibility, growth, honesty, efficiency, effectiveness, and my cognitive strengths are my analytical and judgment skills.


My biggest asset is that I can adjust the way I approach the inner work based on the individual and their unique circumstances.

I choose strategically what pieces of knowledge to provide. 

Furthermore, I am not the person to provide "coping" strategies.

I promote going to the root cause of an issue. 

I encourage radical acceptance of the current reality and full personal responsibility of it.

Shortcuts are not a part of my work. 

Keep in mind that shortcuts are not always as efficient as they might look or feel. We want the least effort for the maximum results.

 I try to use my own flexible mindset to motivate my clients and help them to create out of the hardest and most painful situations their biggest opportunities!

I want to mention that I feel responsible towards my clients to stay up to date with the newest information and studies on the mind and body.

 Besides learning about it  I am passionate about using it practically too.


It is important  for me to let you know that if I see that I personally cannot help an individual,

 I will make sure to direct him/her to a person that WILL.  I believe that my clients deserve the best and that also means the right connections

to the people and the environments that will enable their growth and success.  

At the end of the day, I do not see my clients as just clients.

For me it is also about just being a human helping another in need. 

Providing value to the person and ultimately in this way, the world at large.


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   I was born in Amsterdam. My first language was Dutch, and I spent the majority of my childhood years in the Netherlands. My mom is Greek so I spent the summers in Greece until we finally moved there. My first educational years were in Greece and after that I moved back to the Netherlands again due to my parent’s job. I went to a Catholic Primary School although I was raised an atheist. This was the first time I got exposed to all different kinds of people with a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. My parents divorced and I had to make the hard  decision if I wanted to stay in the Netherlands with my dad or join my mom and brother in Greece. After a couple of the hardest years of my life I graduated form High School in Greece and went on to study Automotive and Mechanical Engineering. I realized that I wasn’t interested only in the theory but also in the Practical Matters of this subject so I switched to Mechatronics. In short, I couldn’t picture doing that for the rest of my life so I quit. 

                                                                                             I was so lost in life. I went on a journey trying to                                                                                                       discover myself by trying out different jobs, picking                                                                                                   up different hobbies, studying, traveling, creating                                                                                                     new life experiences and meeting people from all                                                                                                     over the globe. All with the intention to discover who I                                                                                               am, what my passion and purpose is. As a result I                                                                                                   discovered that I am a multi passionate person with                                                                                                   multiple interests like planning, organizing,                                                                                                            managing, communication and psychology. I                                                                                                            discovered strengths and talents that nobody noticed                                                                                              prior to this moment. I figured out what I liked about                                                                                               myself and eventually all the things I totally didn’t like. 

   I struggled with mental health issues since I can remember myself, however at this point in my life my mental health declined to the point of not being able to function normally. I wasn’t able to work, have relationships, any energy and motivation. My body was in pain everyday. I had many addictions, I was depressed, incredibly lonely and eventually I reached rock bottom.

    I started going to therapy. I tried multiple approaches and different practices but nothing seemed to work.

I started doing research by myself, continuing my education in psychology and my quest to find the meaning of life. In the depths of my hopelessness for the first time I saw a tiny bit of light for the first time. That is when I stopped being an atheist and got in touch with my spiritual side. Many questions that I had about life and myself got answered. I found my purpose and from that point on wards it wasn’t about getting unstuck anymore but more about building myself and my life consciously from scratch. 

    I combined my prior life experiences and knowledge that I had acquired,  with my passions, interests, strengths and purpose to be able to do what I do now. Helping people to go through what I have been through. 

    Right now, I continue to educate myself everyday on the body, mind, spirit and life. I try to live by example and show the world how the process I have created practically looks like by doing different projects on myself and out there in the world with others.

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...logically creative, loyal, adventurous and aggressively supportive.  I love new experiences, challenges and journeys. I don't get afraid easily. That means that I will be there with you now matter what emotions or obstacles.

...a nomad warrior and a serving leader. My team's best interests are my best interests. 

...a jack of all trades, multi-passionate and multi-talented.. I do many things. Well. 

...highly sensitive person. I was born like that. I can't drink coffee without almost having a panic attack. On the positive side I perceive things others don't. Things that have the power to transform your life, very fast. ENTJ. Google it. For now, I can tell you these 3 words: Power, Efficiency, Growth. 

...multilingual. I speak English, Greek, Dutch, Spanish and a little Portuguese. 

...a knowledge and experience collector. Especially about how to win in life. So that means I can provide you with the knowledge you need in your self actualization journey. You don't have to spend time and energy looking around to find the missing pieces. and honest. I am not for the faint-hearted. 

...a brainstorming machine. I can help you brainstorm anything during the process of getting you to where you want or to who you want to be. 

...a warm robot. Caring, kind, compassionate but extremely rational. 

...dyslexic. I see everything in 3D. Pattern recognition is the easiest thing in the world for me. I use that with my clients to notice internal and external patterns that are ruining their lives. 

I am...


...extremely empathetic, almost to the point of being psychic. 

I was born with it but developed it more through difficult practices and experiences. I rely on this gift to tune into my clients' vibrations. Having that information, plus what I am hearing from my client, I use logic to identify fallacies and what exactly in the equation is not exactly adding up. Your ego can outsmart you, but not me.

...a project manager. Managing projects is one of my biggest passions. Allow me to guide you through YOUR biggest project: YOUR LIFE. and optimistic. I like to have fun as much as I like to work. Working with me can be tough at times, but I guarantee you there will be moments of laughter and celebrations. Even in the darkness. 

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I have...

...a complex personality. I am very flexible and open minded but I also can become very rigid. I am really kind, but very harsh. I am very intellectually inclined, but also very spiritual. I love planning, but I appreciate going with the flow. I can be very domineering, but I like serving others. I love talking, but can also listen deeply and carefully. Those are some examples. Being the practical healer that I am, means choosing the right aspects of my personality strategically to help you. 

...lost over 20 KG. Food was my primary addiction and by healing and taking care of myself the weight started melting off. 

...been betrayed on multiple occasions in my life by literally everyone and  have been through all of the kinds of abuse.

...both a lot of masculine energy as well as feminine. I used the feminine for healing and the masculine rational energy for strategy, planning and discipline to one again provide you exactly what you need to reach your goals. 

...been an "entrepreneur" since I was young. I was selling all kinds of items. From computer gear to furniture, from car parts to art pieces. 

...created a framework that I have never seen anyone using it or existing before. This framework literally can guide you towards ANYTHING you want in life. 

...have more than 15 years of experience working with peoples minds and feelings. I have done sales, teaching, training, negotiations, mediating, managing, dispatch and customer support.

...have overcome hundreds of dysfunctional patterns that were create in my past. I have healed from multiple traumas.

...meditated for thousands of hours. Breakthroughs are scary. Getting exposed to the grace and love of God is the best thing you could ever do to heal. 

...traveled all over Greece with 0 Euro and recorded it all. One of the best and worst experiences of my life. I am never ever going camping again, but I learned everything is possible

...been homeless and have also overcome multiple addictions. It is a struggle everyday still, but they do not control me or my life anymore.

...have been bullied for multiple things. 

...have worked multiple corporate jobs. There is nothing more depressing and boring than that. Especially when your hard work is not appreciated or even recognized. 

...traveled to almost everywhere in Europe. Outside of that I have been to New York, Israel and Palestine.

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My parents told me that I should become a lawyer or a software developer. Deep down I knew that wasn't meant for me. I enjoy doing things with my hands. Melina helped me to find my passion. I am a welder now and I love it. 

- Diego, Spain

   Freelancer, Welder

With Melina, I had the chance to understand myself better and how to manage difficult situations that might impact me negatively in the future. in 4 - 5 months I reached my goal and I am incredibly grateful for that. 

- Marilena, Greece


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